java.lang.AbstractMethodError: onto getInitParameterNames

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java.lang.AbstractMethodError: onto getInitParameterNames

i try to config jolokia osgi servlet below domino 9.* http server task.
We will be monitor the domino http jvm parameter with check_mk.
After i do reading all hints into ibm developer forum, domino documentations,
jolokia reference documentation, and so one i will try it on this forum.
The fact is, that we must use the osgi variant from jolokia because domino serve isn't a java ee server.

We have add the *osgi*.jar file into domino directory <domino-install-root>/notes/latest/linux/ndext.
We added the jolokia servlet references into



and create a new below <domino-data> directory.
There we do define all special properties for jolokia servlet, for example:

But i get following output from domino server:

07.06.20115:30:44 Remotconsolcommand issued by Nutzer-1lo http
07.06.20115:30:47 HTTP ServerUsing Internet SitConfiguration View
07.06.20115:30:52 JVMJavVirtual Machininitialized.
07.06.20115:30:52 HTTP ServerJavVirtual Machinloaded
07.06.20115:30:52 Servlet engininitialization was successful
07.06.20115:30:52 HTTP JVMError occurred whilinitializing Servlet (jolokia)
07.06.20115:30:52 HTTP JVM-----Servlet Information-----
07.06.20115:30:52 HTTP JVM Servlet name jolokia
07.06.20115:30:52 HTTP JVM Servlet classorg.jolokia.osgi.servlet.JolokiaServlet
07.06.20115:30:52 HTTP JVM Servlet state<Error>
07.06.20115:30:52 HTTP JVM Configuration parametersagentContext=/jolokiconfig=/opt/ibm/lotus/notesdata/
07.06.20115:30:52 HTTP JVM Info fororg.jolokia.osgi.servlet.JolokiaServlet@a5e8f8c3
07.06.20115:30:52 HTTP JVM java.lang.AbstractMethodErrorjavax/servlet/ServletContext.getInitParameterNames()Ljava/util/Enumeration;javax/servlet/ServletContext.getInitParameterNames()Ljava/util/Enumeration;
                  iNotes InitCredential StorConfiguration not enabled, less securmode.

I have download the sources from jolokia servlet already. But i have no idea, how to solve the problem.