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Wrong server product


I'm trying to monitor SAP Netweaver with jolokia.
Running jmx4perl or j4psh is not possible (don't know why, no response from..)
Running curl against jolokia gives me a funny response:
curl -iSs http://localhost:50000/jolokia
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
server: SAP NetWeaver Application Server 7.41 / AS Java 7.40
content-type: text/plain;charset=utf-8
cache-control: no-cache
pragma: no-cache


What does this mean ?
Simply a wrong info or does this have influence of the agents behavior ?

axelt axelt
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Wrong server product


I found this:
jmx4perl --product unknown http://localhost:50000/jolokia 
   Heap-Memory used    : 1149 MB
   Heap-Memory alloc   : 3925 MB
   Heap-Memory max     : 3925 MB
   NonHeap-Memory max  : 1280 MB
   Classes loaded      : 40005
   Classes total       : 52671
   Threads current     : 136
   Threads peak        : 199
   CPU Arch            : amd64
   CPU OS              : Linux 3.0.101-0.47.52-xen
   Memory total        : 158 MB
   Memory free         : 158 MB
   Swap total          : 16383 MB
   Swap free           : 11940 MB
   FileDesc Open       : 77
   FileDesc Max        : 128000
   Name                : 10895@hec01v008322.rot.hec.sap.biz
   JVM                 : 6.1.064 24.51-b03 SAP Java Server VM SAP AG
   Uptime              : 136 d, 3 h, 49 m, 34 s
   Starttime           : Fri Jan  8 09:24:08 2016
The application server's brand could not be auto-detected.
Known brands are: jboss, glassfish, jetty, weblogic, jonas, geronimo, tomcat, websphere, resin, activemq, terracotta, hadoop, springdm

Please submit the output of 'jmx4perl list' and 'jmx4perl attributes' to
roland@cpan.de in order to provide a new product handler in the next release

But running
jmx4perl --product unknown http://localhost:50000/jolokia list
Use of uninitialized value in subroutine entry at /usr/share/perl5/URI/Escape.pm line 184.
ERROR: Error while fetching http://localhost:50000/jolokia/list/ :

408 Got timeout in 180s

Same when trying to use
curl -iSs http://localhost:50000/jolokia/list/

beginga beginga
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Re: Wrong server product


I get the same kind of error. Did you manage to solve it ?