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Weblogic 12 HealthState


i try to Monitor our Weblogic Servers HealthState with jolokia.

<a href="http://IP:Port/jolokia/read/com.bea:Name=ServerName,Type=ServerRuntime/State">http://IP:Port/jolokia/read/com.bea:Name=ServerName,Type=ServerRuntime/State

when the Server is running, it works fine like

request: {
mbean: "com.bea:Name=ServerName,Type=ServerRuntime",
attribute: "State",
type: "read"
value: "RUNNING",
timestamp: 1461073147,
status: 200

But when the Server is in State Overloaded or Warning, the state is still Running.

What es the best Command ti get the real HealthState for the Servers?