JBoss (EAP 6.4) MBean Issues

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JBoss (EAP 6.4) MBean Issues

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I've been looking for help on the following issue:

On a local install of JBoss I can, using Jolokia, execute operations on the datasource MBeans related to the application(s) running on my PC.  When I try to do the execute these same operations on our development server (same version of JBoss, same application), I get the following error:

"mbean":"jboss.as.expr:data-source=MyDatasource,subsystem=datasources","type":"exec","operation":"testConnectionInPool()"},"stacktrace":"java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No operation testConnectionInPool found on MBean jboss.as.expr:data-source=MyDatasource,subsystem=datasources\

The above error isn't complaining about the MBean, just the operation. Also, I can use Jolokia to LIST all of the datasource MBeans on this server and I get the expected results.  When I log on to the dev server and bring up JConsole, I do not see any JBoss related entries.  I do see these entries on my local install.

Am I correct in saying that my dev server MBeans are getting registered somewhere, as evidenced by the Jolokia list results? Any thoughts on why I don't see them in JConsole? I realize this may be a JBoss issue, but I cannot find any references to this particular problem and I'm stumped.