401 - unauthorized exception while accessing /jolokia/read/org.apache.camel:context

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401 - unauthorized exception while accessing /jolokia/read/org.apache.camel:context

I have created jolakia:agent in spring application context

<jolokia:agent lookupConfig="false" systemPropertiesMode="override">

in camel context tried to hit this service to fetch jolokia response
                uri="<a href="****/jolokia/read/org.apache.camel:context=*,type=routes,name=*&quot;/&gt;">****/jolokia/read/org.apache.camel:context=*,type=routes,name=*"/>
 getting 401 unauthorized exception.

Even tried passing username and password in query param not working.
Even tried setting with headers getting same exception.
I think required Authorization header in this case? not sure?

Please let me know how to get avoid unauthorized exception of this url.